Privnote is a free web-based service that allows you to send secret messages over the internet. It is very easy to use because it doesn't require your email to use its service. You can use this tool to share passwords, private messages or other sensitive information.

The message which you have generated with Privnote will self-destruct or auto delete after being read by the recipient but It doesn't mean that it has control over the recipient. It has no control over the recipient if the recipient takes the screenshot of the message or copy and paste it in other forms.

Here is how you can use Privnote to send a message that will Self-Destruct

Screenshot of Privnote Homepage
Screenshot of Privnote Homepage

To create a message, navigate to the homepage of Privnote and type your message in the text area. Once you're done, click on "Create note" button to generate a link. To send the message to a recipient, click on "Select link" button or press "Ctrl+C" to copy the generated link and paste it in your preferred messaging platform. If you wish, then you can also use your email to send the link.

Once the message is read or the link is clicked by the recipient, the link will no longer accessible.

If you wish, then you can set the time interval for the message removal, set confirmation message to show or not before showing and destroying the note, set the password for the link, and you can also set the destruction notification.

Click here to visit Privnote's website

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