When you are signing into the digital market, one factor, which will increase your conversion rate, your visibility, and your popularity, is the load speed and time of a webpage. The time required by your website to open up in a search engine is always crucial since there is no place for the slow ones in the competition.

An SEO expert in Delhi, India ensures that the websites which they are optimizing run fast providing golden opportunities to the business owners to have higher return rates, higher organic search ranks, and optimum user experience. A higher load time generally affects three main factors directly - user conversion rate, the ease with which users can view your website, and the responsiveness of the website.

So, yes, for getting a firm grip over the digital market, webpage speed optimization is indispensable. Here is a small guide to the most common techniques which an SEO expert in Delhi, India can undertake to optimize the website’s load speed.

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Use of a Content Delivery Network

Loading your web content on a single server increases the time taken by the users to view your page. A single server accepts lots of requests hence the processing time increases. However, if you are uploading your content on the chain of servers distributed all across the globe, then a user will be redirected to the server nearest to him/her as per his/her geological location.

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Website Transfer to a Better Performing Host

The choice of the host depends on both load speed and the money you are willing to spend. Mainly, three types of hosting networks are there - shared hosting, virtual private servers, and the dedicated servers. If you wish to keep your website and related work within a limited budget keeping it as affordable SEO services India then shared hosting and VPS services are the ideal choice since the dedicated servers are quite costly owing to the use of a private administrator.

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On-Site Image Optimization

More the number of images more will be the load time. This will make your users impatient, especially if you are dealing with an e-commerce website. Reducing the size of images without compressing its quality is one of the ways in which one can achieve webpage speed optimization. You can even use the HTML responsive images to reduce the size without compromising on the quality. Every SEO expert in Delhi takes this into account to reduce the image size first and then load it on the website.

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Reducing The HTTP Requests

The HTTP address for a simple website is short, and as a result, it takes very low time to load on the desktops. However, with more complexity in the web pages, the HTTP address to becomes complex, which is why you must look for a short request length, in case you want to increase your web speed. This step is integral as a part of one of the most affordable SEO services in India, which is known for its effectiveness.

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Incorporate Lazy Loading Strategy

In order to avoid the disappointment of the audience due to slow loading of the entire web page, you can plan something which juggles between keeping the website secretly luring while opening up enough information to the audience after some time. Lazy loading allows the content to be loaded within view first and then proceed ahead in loading the images as they come into view. This results in a significant reduction in load time of web pages especially with loads of images.


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