There is much more to logo design than just being a clever design. Your company logo is a powerful identifier of your brand. It is the image of your company that sticks in the minds of your potential customers, which they associate with trust and reliability.

When changing or redesigning your logo design, you must be sure that the change you’re about to bring doesn’t shake the trust of your customers because it might end up in a severe drawback for your company.

For instance, back in 2010, the company GAP changed the company logo, which didn’t go as planned while if we speak of Yahoo, it changed its logo in 2013 and actually had great success by changing their logo.

Why Do You Need A Strong Logo For Your Brand?

iMac Apple mockup app logo ipad
iMac Apple mockup app logo ipad

An excellent logo helps in creating a sharp image of your company. Think of the logos of some renowned brands like Apple, Facebook, Twitter or Starbucks, Mercedes-you are likely to recognize these brands from far away! These logos are not just the face of the company, but they represent the class, status, and identity of the brand.

It Makes A Great First Impression

Woman face photomontage faces
Woman face photomontage faces

When it comes to starting a business, you would often want to begin or partner up with renowned businesses to get known to the world or at the very least; you would want to have a business website that looks professional, so your customers could trust in your brand and products. Without a professional looking logo, people are going to consider your company or business to be amateur and are likely to walk away from it.

A Base For The Strong Brand

When creating a logo design, it is necessary to design it with a long-term branding. If not at least make a cheap logo design UK to save it from going to waste. Retaking the example of GAP, their new logo design was costly but was changed to the previous one some days after it was launched. So you need to create it either for a long-term basis or just keep on tweaking it whenever you want to with a cheap logo design.

A company logo is used to determine the brand’s fonts, colors or tone but the overall branding feeling and experience. Where it might be considered to be a very small part of your business, but it plays a significant role in making an image for your brand.

Creates Brand Uniformity

Social media logo design rubiks cube
Social media logo design rubiks cube

Consider this, your website has the different types of exciting content like blogs and content that tells the customers about your company, but the one thing that will build uniformity and consistency is your logo and brand colors.

No matter what you post on your website, be it a video content or a compelling, mind changing article, your logo will always tell the people what that content represents.

The Customers Expect Your Brand To Have A Suitable Logo

Business logo design
Business logo design

Living in a world where logos have become a great identifier for well-known brands, it has become definitive for the audience to judge these companies from there logos. If you want your company to be identified, you have to meet the customer’s expectation and create an attention-grabbing logo for your brand.

Common Ways Of Getting A Logo For Businesses And Blogs

Free hand logo designs
Free hand logo designs

Now that you have learned the importance of having a logo than you must also know some common ways to get a logo for your business or blog. Well, there are four ways in which you can get a suitable logo for your company.

  1. Making it yourself or DIY it using a graphic designing tool like Adobe Illustrator, which will be able to do the job but the result will not be as professional as a professional.
  2. Create your own logo using an online logo making tool, which can be a little repetitive and also cause copyright issues for your company.
  3. Hire an expensive professional graphic designer who can also create a unique design and something that you want.
  4. Keep a lookout for a designing company to do the job, which can also be a little costly.

There are benefits and drawbacks involved in each option but one way or another you can have what you want.

How Much Does A Logo Cost?

Where you need to strive for a professionally designed logo, the truth is that sometimes the new companies don’t have the budget and the capital to make an expensive logo — for example, cheap logo design in the UK startup from £200 from a professional. Therefore small business opts for logo designers to create a logo that is free or cost not far from none.

It is not a lie that there are many logo designing software and companies out there. The critical thing to look out for is the result you are going to get form it. So select a good logo design that best designs your business and industry.


Oscar Shepherd is a Creative Graphics Designer by his profession. He also use to write his opinions on multiple topics in order to guide people through his experience and also to spread his opinion so that people can share their thoughts and are also open for a discussion.