From marketers to business owners, everyone always emphasizes the importance of good design and how it can affect the brand image. Designers focus on learning new design trends and knowing more about the conventions of design in order to produce quality designs for their customers.

However, often a designer would present a design that he thought was perfect, to their client and the client would dislike it. Similarly, an in-house design will create a design and the design head would approve, however, the CEO will reject. These situations address the fact that judging a design on the basis of how it looks leads to subjective opinions. A certain design can be perfect in the eyes of a person while the other person would not like it. Now, how can we know whether a design is good in quality or not?

The answer to this query is that designs are not to be judged on the basis of whether they are pretty or not. Every design is designed to convey a message and trigger certain responses. They are tools through which businesses communicate to their audience. Of course, aesthetics has its own importance, but there are other important factors as well that should be considered while evaluating a design.

Judging a design only on whether you find it apparently appealing or not is wrong. To be able to judge a design correctly and tell if it will be an effective tool for representing your company, you must know the criteria that should be used for estimating the efficiency of a design. This post is to present you with a few questions that you must ask when you judge a design. Hope they will help you judge designs in a better way.

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What is the Purpose of the Design and is it fulfilled?

Darts target bull eye red arrow
Darts target bull's eye red arrow

First things first. You need to find out the very basic purpose of the design before you classify it as good or bad. For instance, if you are looking forward to judging a logo design, you must observe if it communicates its brand in an appropriate way. A business who wants to relate your brand to a certain element or value would pick a design that will illustrate that certain element. This purpose can rotate with time and can be permanent as well. Many businesses tend to use online Christmas logo maker during the Christmas season in order to update their design and convey the message that they are celebrating too.

However, you do not check for a brand representation when you come across the landing page of a website. A website landing page should be persuasive to the audience and should lead to more clicks on “Add to Bucket” or “Sign Up”. So understanding the purpose of your design is the most important aspect while evaluating a design.

Here, a point that is worth mentioning is that any design is basically a method to solve a certain problem. Technically, designs are the communicators that provide the audience with certain information. However, a designer’s job is to make sure that the design is effective in communicating the right amount of information to the audience. That is, it should neither be conveying too much information at once, making the experience overwhelming for the audience, nor it should be given incomplete information. So the balance is what a designer should aim at.

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Is the Message of the Design Understandable Easily?

Labyrinth maze game way search
Labyrinth maze game way search

Another major question that should be answered before you tag a design with the label of good or bad is about how much graspable a design is. Designing mistakes that make a design too complex for the audience should be avoided. A design should be able to get the message across instantly so that the audience does not have to struggle in order to understand what a design is trying to convey.

There are different methods that can make it easier for the designer to create designs that will be easy to understand. Such as, the techniques that encourage visual hierarchy can help designers guide the perception of the audience and make the messages clearer. Other than this, a good designer always makes sure that the design has a focal point, that is, the main feature. This main feature could be a tagline, a heading, or anything else that can draw in the attention at the very first sight. Moreover, the use of the right typography style and appropriate layout matter too.

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Is it Visually Pleasing?

Machine mechanical eye visually blue look
Machine mechanical eye visually blue look

When an audience sets eyes on a design, they automatically check with the design is aesthetically pleasing or not. Beautiful designs are attractive and this is why you cannot sideline this factor. An aesthetically appealing design is the one that has the perfect color scheme, user-friendly layout, and a great composition to blend in every element perfectly. Harmony is the key factor when we talk about visuals.

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Is It Appropriate for the Target Audience?

Business commerce success curve woman
Business commerce success curve woman

Last but not least, a design must be seen from the perspective of the target audience in order to be judged. Having a good research on the target audience can give you an idea about the likings of a target audience. To develop bonding with a Christian demographic, a business may go for a Christmas design and use a Christmas logo maker for launching Christmas offers.

The main idea is to know what a certain audience demands in a design and surround your design around that demand. For instance, if the demand of your target audience is trust, make sure your design reflects reassurance and reliability. Use fonts that look stable and rooted, your color palette should be appropriate as well.


Oscar Shepherd is a Creative Graphics Designer by his profession. He also use to write his opinions on multiple topics in order to guide people through his experience and also to spread his opinion so that people can share their thoughts and are also open for a discussion.