Water candles look fantastic and can be beautifully made in any ordinary glassware. It can be used as a decorative item. If you wish, you can use it to decorate Diwali or Christmas.

Especially at night, it gives an ethereal glow to your room. You can make your own water candle with the available household items.

What you will need

Glasses filled with water oil and stones

1: Glass or Glass Jar
2: Transparent plastic sheet
3: Cotton
4: Edible oil
5: Water
6: Scissor
7: Tweezers
8: Matchbox or lighter
9: Pebbles (optional)
10: Food color (optional)
11: Colored stones (optional)
12: Flowers (optional)


Select Glass

Select a glass according to what you wanted to achieve. I’m using here a medium sized regular water drinking glass. You can use any glass or glass jar that is available at your house or you can buy it from your nearby shop or from an online store.


The Wick

Cotton on hand

To make a wick, take a piece of cotton on your palm and rub it with both hands. After rubbing a piece of cotton, it’ll turn into long and thin wick which can be easily fixed in the floater. If you wish, you can use a wick from birthday candle or from any candle.


The Floater

Plastic floater and glass

Cut out the transparent plastic sheet into a circular shape with the help of a scissor and make a hole in its center with the help of tweezers. Make sure that the hole of a plastic sheet (floater) should match with the thickness of a wick because it is used in order to hold the wick and also make sure that the floater comfortably fits and floats inside the glass.

To make a floater, you can use any useless plastic materials that are available in your home. This piece of plastic sheet plays a very important role in the water candle as it is transparent, it can float on water and it can hold the candle wick.


Decorate the glass

Pebbles and flowers in glass

To decorate the glass put some pebbles at the bottom portion of a glass. While putting pebbles into it, tilt the glass and gently put pebbles. If you wish, you can use any one decorative items such as colored stones, plastic toys, marbles, beads, flowers, plants etc.


Add water and oil

Glass filled with water oil and stones

Fill water into the decorated glass, but leave some free space at the top of it for oil. Now put some edible oil on the surface of the water. The edible oil is the fuel for your water candle. Don’t worry about the oil, it always settled above the surface of the water because of having a lower density than the density of water.


Putting all together

Immersing wick in oil and water

Take the floater and insert the wick into its hole. After doing this Immerse the wick into the oil with the help of tweezers and place it in between the layers of water and oil.

Don't tilt the floater while placing it in water. Ensure that the total surface of the floater is stable on the surface of the water. Otherwise, it may completely immerse in the water.


Light and Enjoy

Burning water candle

Your DIY Water Candle is now ready. Place it in your favorite place where you want to leave it. Get the matchbox or lighter and light the candle. Now you can enjoy the ethereal glow of your water candle.

Water candle decorating ideas

Colorful burning water candle

For your inspiration, I’m going to show you three different ways to decorate the water candle that makes them different from one another. Hope this will helpful for you.


Hue color effect

Burning hue water candle

To get the hue effect, add the food color into the water and stir it with the help of a spoon. You can use any color as per your desire.


Colored stones

Colorful stones and flowers in burning water candle

This water candle is decorated with colored stones. You can get the colored stone from your nearby aquarium shop or you can color the stones by using Acrylic colors.


Flowers and Pebbles

Stones and flowers in burning water candle

You can use natural flowers or artificial flowers to decorate your water candle. I have used here natural flowers. I have also used here some pebbles which gives fantastic looks and also prevents flowers against floating.


1: Don’t place or light candle near flammable materials.
2: Carefully place the candle on the floor as it is breakable.
3: Don't touch candle flame.
4: Parent supervision is required.

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