There has been a lot of talks regarding the recent artificial intelligence trends and its implementation in different sectors of the society. These days more and more companies are using these AI strategies to help improve their productivity.

There are a number of companies in the market who are simply using old techniques to study historical data and boost relations. However, it is quite difficult to identify those companies who are actually implementing the AI techniques and making huge success.

How does AI work?

Digital evolution binary digits
Digital evolution binary digits

AI is implemented by the use of computer algorithms to replicate the ability of humans to learn and make different predictions based on the results. This is the reason why it is often referred to a “machine learning”. Artificial Intelligence works by studying huge amounts of data, analyzing them, the results and then studying the pattern and making inferences.

The two common types of AI tools which are used commonly known as “machine learning” and “deep learning networks”. This has been widely accepted in every sector and industry. Moreover, they are fast spreading throughout and being implemented for effective production.

Leading companies of the current market

AI monitoring business growth
AI monitoring business growth

Nvidia (NVDA) is one such company which has become well known due to its success with the help of AI. These days internet and other tech companies are purchasing their processors for the process of cloud computing. Startups are trying hard to incorporate such strategies into their business. Even tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft are implementing these AI based softwares in their speech recognition, internet search and other classification of images.

There are other techs who are coming up with digital voice-based assistants, and cloud computing services in the market. There are even more companies such as Netflix and Paypal who are incorporating AI into their devices that can help build their own products and make them better.

The Future Trend of AI

AI and human hands
AI and human hands

A number of tech companies apart from these such as banks, health care, energy, and retail sectors are also incorporating AI driven technologies as much as possible. They are ready to spend more after AI as it will help improve production. Moreover, with so much advancement going on it will become mandatory to learn to implement these concepts to flourish in this competitive market.

Most of the data come by studying the communication process of people. Voice and text communication can provide some huge results onto how people engage with one another or connect to each other.

Often called as metadata this is all about what has been spoken by whom and when can be traced to ascertain a few things which might be very helpful.

Twilio has reached great heights just by voice and text analysis. It has been a bit of a risk due to their huge valuation. In fact, for not being known well in the market this has been another reason for the risk. Twilio can soon be the hottest AI stocks in 2018 though it has been known less in the market.


Author of this article is Michael Johnson, the famous trading investor and trading with deep learning researcher. Michael lives in Washington, D.C. In his spare time, Michael likes to travel around the world and meet new people.