In this post, I’m going to show you that how you can easily make adorable DIY sock snowman without sewing. This is the no-sew DIY project and you can easily craft with almost household materials.

It’s a great decoration for the Christmas season. You can involve your kids to make this Christmas craft. Your kids will love this because it is very easy to make and it is adorable.

What you will need

Materials for snowman craft

1: White sock (1)
2: Scissor
3: Uncooked rice
4: Rubber bands (3)
5: Multicolor mini elastic hair bands (2) or Ribbon
6: Tiny pearl earrings (Black: 2 and Pink or Orange: 1) or Pins
7: Buttons (3)
8: Hot glue gun and glue stick
9: Colorful Glitters (Star and Circle-shaped)

1: Cotton
2: Paintbrush and Colors (Dark green, Light green, Dark blue and White)
3: Plastic straw (2)
4: A small piece of cardboard
5: Thread


Making Snowman

Step 1:

Half cut off white sock with scissor

Cut off the sock into two parts just above the heel. The bottom part is going to be a snowman’s body because its one portion is sealed and the top part is going to be a snowman's hat.

Step 2:

A white sock filled with rice

To make the snowman's body take the bottom part of the sock. Fill it with rice and close its cut end with the rubber band. To shape the snowman's head slightly press it with your hand. Take another rubber band and tie his neck.

Step 3:

White sock knot with mini elastic hair bands

Take a mini elastic hair band and put it over the snowman’s neck. This is the scarf for your snowman. If you wish, then you can also use ribbon instead of a hair band. Take another hair band and cut it off from any point.

Make fringe cuts at both ends of the hair band with the help of a scissor. This is the remaining part of your snowman's scarf. Place it in the snowman's neck as shown in the above picture. You can fix it with hot glue later on.

Step 4:

White sock hat

To make the snowman's hat, take the top part of the sock and put it on the snowman’s head. Measure the required height of the hat and cut off its extra part. Take it off from the snowman's head. Turn the sock inside out. Close its cut end with the help of rubber band. This time turn the sock right side out. Put it again on the snowman's head and fold its edge up to make a hat brim.

Step 5:

No sew sock snowman

To make the eyes, take two tiny pearl earrings (black). Apply some glue on them and pin them to the snowman’s head. Do the same for the pink earring and pin it to the snowman’s head to form his nose. Take three black buttons and fix them on the snowman’s body with the help of a glue gun. Now fix the glitters on the snowman’s hat as shown in the above picture.


Making Christmas Tree

DIY Christmas tree

Take a small piece of cardboard and fold it from the center. Cut it in Christmas tree shape. Paint it with different colors and fix some colorful glitters on it.


Making Wall Hanging

DIY wall hanging

Take two straws and join them together with the help of hot glue. Take ten small pieces of thread and fix them on glitters using hot glue. Tie them all on straw. Now Take another small piece of thread and tie the thread to both ends of the straw.


Placing all together

DIY no sew sock snowman

Place some cotton on the table or cupboard. It gives the snowy looks. Hang the wall hanging on the wall. Place the Christmas tree on the cotton. Now place the snowman.

Great Job, You're Done!

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